Winter Field Day

It’s almost time for Winter Field Day! January 27th & 28th 2024
By David Eichenberger, W5WUP, President of the Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club.

On Saturday and Sunday, January 27 and 28, the Arkansas Diamond Amateur Radio Club participated in the annual Winter Field Day exercise, sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association.

At the Winter Field Day Association, their mission is to encourage emergency operating preparedness during the winter months when the potential for freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and other hazards may present unique operational challenges. Each year, they sponsor the Winter Field Day Exercise to encourage Amateur Radio Operators and Clubs to test their emergency preparedness capabilities in various conditions and push themselves to new levels.

This year the Morrilton Fire Department, and Chief Earle Eichenberger, allowed the club to utilize the Morrilton North Fire Station training room for the event. Beginning at 1:00 pm CST on Saturday and ending at 1:00 pm on Sunday, the club set up 4 field deployed antennas and operated radio stations on 10, 15, 20, and 40 meters. Approximately 165 contacts were logged from 28 states and Canada, and operating modes including voice and SSTV (Slow Scan TV).

The club hosted hams from Little Rock, Conway, Greenbrier, Bee Branch, and Russellville including the Arkansas River Valley Amateur Radio Foundation and the Faulkner County Amateur Radio Club. Operators included the following:
W5WUP, David Eichenberger
AF5EI, Jim Taylor
KF5ESY, Hugh Donnel
KG5ZTI, Will Fosse
KD5WDJ, Keith Parish
KF5SDE, Roger Alabach
N5EWC, Eric Coran
WB5RUH, Dave Huett
KC5BBC, Neal Johnson
N5GC, George Carroll
KA5MGL, Kelly Boswell
W5APA, Thomas Maupin
WB5BHS, John Evans
AE5GH, Gerald Hogue
KJ5CMJ, Jim Yates
N5TSG, Jim Grinder
KG5LXF, Chris Gimbert
The next event will the Summer Field Day on June 22-23, 2024. ARDAC will again set up operations at the Morrilton North Fire Station.
Everyone interested in Amateur Radio is invited to stop by and see what we do to support Emergency Preparedness for Morrilton, Conway County, and the surrounding areas.