2023 is coming to an end

Christmas has come and gone and so has the Winter Solstice.  Looking forward to 2024 we have two events in January.  The first event will be our first club meeting of 2024 on January 11th at the Downtown Church of Christ, Morrilton.  Roger (KF5SDE) is in charge of the Menu.  He will give us a hint soonly.  We will also elect new officer at the January meeting.  I will also be collecting 2024 dues.  If you have a question about your dues status, drop me a note.  The meeting will start at 6pm.  If you wanna eat show up about 5pm or a little before for fellowship.  Please bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry. 

The second event for January will be the Winter Field Day, starting 1300 hours January 27th and continuing until 1300 hours January 28th.  We have reserved the North Fire Station for this event.  Set up will start about 10am on the 27th.  We will throw some wires up in the trees and maybe set up some poles.  We always have great fellowship and fun at Field Days.  Bring your own equipment, we will help you set it up.  We will use the club call sign, KE5FSY.  I will have the magic box if someone wants to test.  If you have questions about equipment, we will have experts there to answer your questions.

Another major event of 2024 will be the eclipse in April.  We are making preparations as we go along.  We will need radio operators.  More on that later.

Stewart (KD5LBE) (oldmayor@sbcglobal.net) is looking for articles for the January issue of the club newsletter.  If you have something for the newsletter, send it to him.  It don’t have to be related to HAM radio, it can be a human interest story. Things you did or something that happened to you in 2023 or an item you have for sale or something you are looking for.

Well, folks, I think that is enough for now.

Please have a Happy and SAFE New Year.

Jim    AF5EI 

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