2024 Summer Field Day Report

Once again, we are grateful to the city of Morrilton for the use of the North Fire Station. We began setting up around 10 am on Saturday. By 1:30 pm we had 4 stations and 4 antennas operational. 2 of the stations belonged to Chris Gimbert. We appreciate his set up and expertise. The other 2 stations were from the Conway County go box. We were able to add a long cat 4 cable to the head of the IC7100 radio so that station was well separated from the 7300 station.. We had a total of 18 people participate in our endeavor. It was good to see J. M. Rowe, the state ARRL emergency coordinator. We had a total of 136 QSOs. Our contacts were from a total of 32 states, 3 countries, 75 grids, 106 counties, and 43 ARRL sections.